The Michael's Rose Foundation

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Who We Are

The Michael’s Rose Foundation is a charity that provides a safe haven for children and teens and is devoted to assisting in the healing process of these young people.  This Foundation addresses the issues young people use to medicate the pain of being child abused... issues of anger, drugs, violence, etc.

When the band-aide of child abuse is removed, the scars of anger, self-mutilation, mental illness (attempted suicide and/or suicidal thoughts), chemical dependency, and depression are exposed.
The Michael's Rose Foundation cleans the wounds with patience, love and understanding so that a healing may begin.

 The Michael's Rose Foundation serves as a transitional house, preparing the youth for main stream living, while comforting them through a difficult time.  It is the mission of The Michael's Rose Foundation to equip them with the tools needed to become productive citizens, while providing them with a safe place to heal.


"Removing the band-aide of child abuse"